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RE: expounds on or substantiates that claim.


I  see. This style of  oppressor apologist argumentation must  be from the Nation. Skipping cult rhetoric and sophistry, let’s make that Arabs of whatever shade. 


I personally consider NOI teachings as spin. It is  a  viral story to counter the virus of lies and horrendous indoctrination that many suffer from.  It can be life changing but it isn’t real.


Take the story of Yakub which makes black people responsible for introducing evil into the world. The story goes that this was done through a 600 year experiment that resulted in creating the white devil. (Hey, thanks a lot, Yakub! What the hell were you thinking?!) If I ask you to expound and document in writing  the history and exact science that substantiates this story, can you produce hard science evidence?  That’s for an example. 

It does no such thing and someone who celebrates Malcolm X should know that he tought quite a bit on this as did all NOI Ministers then and now. There's nothing in NOI theology that is a 'response teaching'.  Devil is a term that denotes how white people biologically relate to Black people and does not hinge on "evil treatment".


However that has nothing to do with any response that I've posted nor does it counter the need to correctly any understand a given situation and the circumstances surrounding it. 


The NOI did not "invent" the historical record....we check and cite from it, as scholars do.


The burden of proof is on those who are offering reasons why the actual facts of the situation are ignored.  Why are the narratives of missionaries (many of whom carry the white supremacist thinking) being given weight as evidence while actual cultural historians are completely ignored?


The answer is simple.  Black people have become lawyers for white supremacy in this regard but are too blinded by suspicion of all things Islamic to see it and be honest about it......though this is changing.


We (Muslims) do not run from history, we engage it in truth.  Those who are genuine  about this subject don't suddenly lose interest when they find out that the African conflicts (including the use of slave institutions) involving Muslims and non Muslims where not delineated by race. 



I understand the party line. Another time maybe.