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Reply to "The American Economy, Politics and Plutocracy"

Originally Posted by sunnubian:

It's time for there to be a revolution in America, one that will turn our government back over to the people, one that will rid our government of corporate puppets and race-baiting con-artists.

When are people going to figure out that science and technology are more important than politics and economics?  This ain't 1900 anymore and we ain't in Kansas,


The Wizard of Oz has taken over.


In 1900 there were 8,000 cars in this country.  In 1995 there were 200,000,000.  What does the economics profession say about the depreciation of all of those cars?  I just found something very funny.  Robert Heinlein is a famous science fiction writer.  But his very first novel, which was rejected multiple times, was lost for decades.  Someone found a copy in a garage and it was published in 2003.  I just read it.  It was written in 1938 and he used the word DEPRECIATION four times in one short novel.  Most economists don't discuss that in economics books with hundreds of pages.  1939 was before WWII and the Depression really ended.


I was just watching the movie Fortress on my Nexus 7 last night.


World War II heavy bomber.  Maximum speed 285 mph.  The first one started flying in 1935.


Why have we been going into debt for useless variations in cars that roll along the ground at less than 120 mph for the last 50 years.  Are our economists so stupid that they don't know about planned obsolescence?  What about the politicians?  And now our physicists who talk about Higgs Bosons can't explain why airliners can't destroy skyscrapers in less than two hours.


What did Malcolm X and Martin Luther King ever say about SCIENCE?  MLK kept Nichelle Nichols on Star Trek.  I wonder if he cared about it being a SCIENCE Fiction show?


I say the country is going to come apart in this century because the nitwit politicians can't figure out the importance of science and technology.  What about Black Americans?