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Reply to "The American Economy, Politics and Plutocracy"

Originally Posted by Xumbrarchist:

 He uses the word "science" but he does not impart or advocate scientific knowledge but makes comparisons  between it and religion and attitudes about it.


But he does admit it gives people power so how are Black Americans supposed to engage with it?  Trust White folks to teach us science?  ROFL


I consider 9/11 to be the perfect example of White folks and science.  Most of them can't figure it out and their "scientific authority" is either silent or BSing.  It looks to me like the vast majority are silent.


What are all of the non-White nations around the world saying?  Is physics the property of White folks?  Are we supposed to trust them with it?  If they wreck the planet we will be stuck with the result.


The science has gotten freaky since the 60s.


It is tied up with the economics and politics more than ever.



I know your right, but when he says " Science gives man knowledge which is power", I think that he fully understands science and its implications for a people, however, it may be unfair to expect MLK or Malcolm to be too concerned with promoting science all out, at a time when, first, their main focus has to be stopping Black people from being hunted down and lynced or from being dscriminated against having the tools to study science in the first place.  Had both or either man lived, I'm sure that Science would have become very high on their agenda, and also Mathmatics, Law, and Entreprenueurship.