Reply to "Texas Board of Education Revises Textbooks: Slaves were ‘Unpaid Interns’"


Here is a KEY  ISSUE. We must first recognize that the Black Holocaust is not acknowledged in the so-called culture.


Here’s what I mean. When people in the mass culture think of the Jewish Holocaust, they’ve seen enough evidence to know that it was a mass scale human murder horror visited upon millions! Yes, it was a horror. When many people in the mass culture think of African Americans, they don’t have the same sense of horror as is evoked by the psychotic German-Jewish Holocaust.


Now there's a (first of its kind!)  movie, 12 Years a Slave. This hell realm must no longer be kept as if a secret. Griots speak up. Let the horror be depicted through the mass media in order to correct history!


That which was visited upon African Americans also remains a problem because the Nation  does not acknowledge this.This is human nature in general, not just of whites but applies without exception every one! We need  to tell the Story  with Power in Our Voice.  


We know that the Turks still refuse to publicly confess that they committed genocide to over one million Armenian souls. Too much to face! The German people seemed not to notice whole trainloads upon  trainloads of Jews being shipped out  in cattle cars. Of course, they knew but likely did not want to admit it even to themselves.  That’s how horror works. “We didn’t know”, they say.It did not compute. Too many contradictions to face.


It STILL has to be put into our nation’s psyche. Truth counts. The hundreds of horror years inflicted upon enslaved  African Americans  is without doubt, an EQUAL HORROR to the JEWISH HOLOCAUST. Obviously . . . to some of us.


The Germans have worked on facing their Inner-Nazi. They do not deny the UNSPEAKASBLE HORROR  executed by the Nazis. Compare this with the American tragedy,  centuries  of holocaustic  horror and wrathful terror hurled upon African slaves,


Can we as a nation, solely in terms, of being historically honest, see the universal human tendency not to face facts. Not so much.


Holocaust denial is the norm for nation killers. The story has to be made even clearer. How many black rightists, as said by Koco, even discuss Leopold II of Belgium?  The story must be told in boldface.