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Reply to "Tampa police refusing to work sold out Beyoncé stadium show"

RadioRaheem posted:
Norland posted:

Call the NOI or any remaining Panthers. Let Blacks take care of Blacks for a change. That shouldn't bother the Mighty YT too much.

Black men guarding a Black woman for once in our lives.


Fruit of Islam is in every major city...they helped Johnnie Cochran during the OJ trial because he got even more death threats than OJ.

I'm sure that Beonce' and Jayzee their own private security anyway, eliminating their needing anything in particular from the local police in given cities they perform in.  

It's the citizens of the particular city that need police to fulfil their duties of protecting and serving the citizens, the general public, the community and the consumers in that city.  

Attention-grabbing headlines like "TAMPA POLICE REFUSING TO WORK SOLD OUT BEYONCÉ STADIUM SHOW" are to merely disseminate Racist Propaganda against Black people and to plant seeds of contempt for Black people in the minds of Whites.

Headlines like the one above also serve as the needed distractions to keep people from realizing that all this contempt for Beonce' was initiated on a false premise spread by racist Propaganda Artists in the first place.  

America's Racist Propaganda Artists quickly took to the airways/media to spread the false propaganda that Beonce's performance had something to do with being against the police or that only "Black Panthers" wore black leather, and that any Black people advocating against Black people being dismissed, brutalized, and executed with complete impunity by our own government, tax-payer funded agents/agencies, are "militant".