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Reply to "Tamir Rice shooting: Call for US replica gun law change"

Originally Posted by Momentum:

I grew up with guns, often went hunting with my dad, cousins, uncles, aunts, but my parents would damn near whoop my ass if I went running up and down the street with a gun like that and especially how things are now. I just don't get it sometimes why many of us overlook how irresponsible some parents are just because they are black.


But those damn cops who killed that kid need to be punished somehow. If that kid was white I'm sure those cops would have been more careful about discharging their guns. We have seen cops take much more carefulness with armed demented white men and do not shoot and kill but patiently disarm the person. But black kids do not get the benefit of the doubt. That kid's parents don't know the environment we are in?


I agree, the parents or some other adult would have to had to buy it for the boy and if they did, it's fucking stupid. 


Real stupid.


Because I remember when I had my gun I didn't even take it out in public and brandish it.


That boy was running around at the playgrounds shooting at kids and pretty sure cops were like


"This little boy got a gun and about to shoot these kids!"


And that was all it took for them to put bullets in him.


And it seems like the parents didn't educate the boy on how to deal with the police, he had a gun, they say stop and they say he didn't stop and they shot him... (or they were just saying that).


Like I don't know, this is just stupid to be honest with you. 



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