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Tell Walmart: Release the Tapes

Last month, John Crawford III was killed by police while shopping in a Walmart store.Police were called to the store by another customer who described a “Black male about 6 feet tall” waving a gun. Crawford was actually leaning on a toy pellet gun — barrel pointed down — which he had picked up from one of the store’s shelves.


Walmart has video surveillance footage of the events but has refused repeated requests from John Crawford's family to publicly release the tapes. Join ColorOfChange to demand Walmart release the tapes publicly to ensure justice for John Crawford and help customers and workers feel safe in Walmart stores.

Here's the letter we'll send on your behalf to Walmart, Inc executives and store management on your behalf. You can add a personal comment using the box provided.


Dear Walmart CEO Doug McMillon, Walmart executives and Beaver Creek Walmart store management,


I'm writing you to demand that you respond to the request from John Crawford III's family and publicly release the surveillance tapes from the day he was killed by police.


John Crawford's family, the local community, Walmart shoppers and store associates have a right feel safe walking the aisles of your stores. We deserve to know why he was killed by police while holding an item from the store shelves.


In the interest of justice, transparency and store safety, please immediately release unedited surveillance footage.


Thank you,

[Your Name]