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Take a hard look at this graphic, State of Georgia: Active Registered Voters by Race, Sex, Statewide (September 1, 2008)

The goal in the State of Georgia was to registering 500,000 new African Americans voters. At this moment, it sits between 60 to 75 thousand.

This does not look good and if this is an indicator of what's trending across Black America..............only 59 days left until Election day..

Here is some info to pass along:

Registering to vote is pain free these days. All you have to do is drop by your local post office, fill out a straightforward form, seal it and drop it in the mail slot. It's free and if you cannot read, you can bring along a friend to help you fill it out.

Here are some other resources that might help if you have any questions or prefer to avoid the post office:

I am repeating myself froma previous thread because this is way too important.

QUOTE from mirahjay:

Those of you who support Barack Obama have to do all you can to get him elected.
It is important that his supporters are articulating the REAL isssues as well as his background.

Many seem not to know that he spent years in the Illinois state senate prior to being elected to the US senate.

His staff is asking all to reach at least 10 others to register them to vote.

It's really a shame that many in da hood have to be seduced to register and vote but, it seems that is always the case.

Many have a disconnect between the impact law makers have and the impact on their own daily lives.

So, I encourage you to find out when the last day to register is in your area.
Approach all you know and encourage them to particpate.

Ask your pastors and community orgs, if you can have a "get out the vote" to register citizens at least twice before the deadline.
In just six weeks,we have to rally the base, and create a groundswell of momentum.

Each one
Must reach one.
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