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Reply to "Syria & Iran: next on the Wolfowitz/Cheney/Rumsfeld hit list"

Oh, I misspoke: the Pearl Harbor quote is not from Cheney directly, but from the PNAC's report, like Kweli says. Cheney was not the principle author, although he was heavily involved in the organization.

This site gives a good breakdown of PNAC events, and who was involved, as well as information on possible further sources...htp://

The original report, which includes the quote, is on page 63 in the PDF file linked here:

Here's the organization's website:

This information all demonstrates, beyond any question, that the justification for the war on Iraq was based on lies. That the whole idea of connecting them to 9/11 was always for a more sinister motive. All that stuff about 9/11, WMDs, those photos Colin Powell showed the UN, all of it--- bullshit. It was always planned, at least by PNAC, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld & Co., since back in the 1990s.

Furthermore, there never was any "lapse" in US intelligence on Iraq & WMDs. They always knew, at all times, that they wanted Iraq regardless.

Now, many of us, myself included, came to that conclusion back in 2002, when all of this selling of the cause for war was going on. So it's not like we needed the proof of that. But for those who didn't know: here you are.

We can bet that the rise of Fox News, conservative talk radio, & Clear Channel Communications were all mapped out by this organization as well. And I'm sure you all have on your minds, in light of the Pearl Harbor reference, the one *big thing* that I have been intentionally not bringing up. Leave us not forget the business connections between these same people and the Bin Laden family.

I've been bothered by all of this for a long time. But now, in light of the assassination of the Lebanese prime minister, just as new Iran/Syria talk is simmering, the evils of these people, and the true threat they represent to the world and to all of us, has pretty much moved us toward nightmare status. Here's hoping the European Union can put some kind of check on these neocons in the next decade or two, because no one in America has the will to stop them.