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Reply to "Survey Shows Most Blacks Favor Slavery Reparations"

Originally posted by Blacksanction:
Dr. Isome I presume?

"your objections stem from your lack of information and I believe some external hostility that you've internalized."

I hate myself...?

"There were no attacks on your esteem coming from me. But like others of your kind, I expect no less than the shallow understanding of issues and skewed perception of reality that you've already demonstrated."

Others of my kind?
Skewed perception on reality?

My perception my reality yes very telling Her Doctor

It's very telling that you either lack reading comprehension, or your powers of perception are skewed... just as I said.

Internalizing hostility isn't necessarily hating oneself. It does however, manifest itself as believing everything white folks say, as you do with your parroted objections to reparations, and discounting clear historical evidence put forth by Black folks.

I know, I know it is probably easier for you to embrace a throwaway line like "self-hate" than to actually examine your objections in light of the evidence that runs throughout this thread.

Good luck with that in Canada.