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Reply to "Survey Shows Most Blacks Favor Slavery Reparations"

Originally posted by Blacksanction:
I do, because believe it or not what you all do affects not only yourselves but those of us who do not live in the land of "free speech". You do not live in a vacuum.

Call my aguments,tepid, stupid, whatever, call it what you want. They are still my opinions and a valid as what you have put forth.

Oh keep those attacks on my esteem coming they reveal so much. Wink

No, your uninformed opinions and objections have no validity.

The other bit of circumvolution isn't going to fly, either. A push for reparations in the U.S. has no negative influence on Black folks in Canada who immigrated from St. Kitts. Get real!

There were no attacks on your esteem coming from me. But like others of your kind, I expect no less than the shallow understanding of issues and skewed perception of reality that you've already demonstrated.