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Reply to "Survey Shows Most Blacks Favor Slavery Reparations"

Reparation is a great idea if you have living victims like the the japanese or jews but there are not more living slaves from the 1800's.---Blacksanction

You didn't specify where in West Indies you immigrated from. If your came from a U. S. Territory, you are American from birth of course.

Typically, the understanding of 'West Indies' is muddy n the minds of most Americans. The West Indies is perceived as all the islnnds of The Caribbean.

Reparations is an issue between United States and African American. If you belong to either you belong to both.

In the case, the intent of your exercise is curious.

Further, it is likely that the most African American-Americans have not be able to retain a purely African lineage.

What is your point?


Jim Chester