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Reply to "Survey Shows Most Blacks Favor Slavery Reparations"

It sure is fascinating that the fallback position of anti-reparationists (of all persuasions) is:

Knowing white people it will never happen in America. Ever!

That being the case, that always being a part, hell a ploy, of their positions? Why bother to pretend as if they are quarreling with the merits of the argument for Reparations?

What part of the "It's Not Going To Happen" lyric even begins to be in a discussion about the merits of Reparations?

N-Alien claimed to differ under this pretense:
With all due respect, MBM, I have an issue with that logic.

Well, with all due respect, talking about whether something concieveably will or won't happen is not a discussion about the "rightness", "wrongness" or even the LOGIC of it.

Anyone who says they are not for it is devalued and, sooner or later, called an Uncle Tom, a sell-out, or a mouth-piece for whitey. All for pieces of pie that will never be baked.
N-Alien, take some ownership of your position and the stuff your regurgitated. There is definitely a discussion, a debate and even a polar For vs. Against argument we can have over Reparations. But I'd be damn if you or anybody is going to come into such a discussion/debate and insult my intelligence or anyone else's repeating verbatim what has been repeated in the WHITE MEDIA ad nasausem.

The point is, if we are going to debate or discuss this don't bring no dumb WHITE $hit into the conversation. (You can reflect back on your Talking Points list of things you put in that other thread). While you may have taken some time in drafting your thoughts on fighting for Reparations For Africa, you obviously didn't take much time to vet that list of questions I could get from David Horowitz or any White guy on the net who wants to argue it. Even a White guy who will say, "I'm willing to be convinced."

So you can chill with that BS about "Uncle Tom" this and that. You made the choice to virtually Cut & Paste, essentially, White sentiments in the form of those questions.

Horowitz #3 = What of the majority of southerners who did not own slaves?
Horowitz #3 & Jeff Jacoby = How about the families of the 300,000+ union troops that died during the Civil War, in part to end slavery? Do their descendents get a free pass on paying reparations?
Horowitz #1 = What of freedmen who owned slaves?, etc.

And regarding the survey...
Beyond your Appeal To Motive, somehow you remove yourself from that "ANYONE". There simply is no such automatic correlation, no matter how greedy Americans are. I doubt very seriously that proponents on this site, for one, are those who advocate for Reparations for the sake of what they can personally get out of the situation.

And that just shows how ridiculous and hypocritical positions like yours are. You enter this whole conversation making an untenable allegation: That the arguments for Reparations (or some unidentified ones) are born out of some curious (preconcieved, let the truth be told) notion of yours that they are typified by "They benefited, now [it's] our turn" type of emotional and, hence, unreasoned argument. You do that but at the same time want to whine and cry about how your arguments are characterized (and with greater accuracy, I might add).

So, not only have you repeated the Obstructionist questions that prevail in White America - a Statement Of Fact - but you have also been very quick to ascribe the same motive to proponents for Reparations that prevails in White America. And to top that off, you've registered your concerns for how Whites will percieve us... So, frankly, none of that stuff can go unnoticed and unaddressed. Those are you issues that you have to deal with accordingly.

But back to how you color yourself as someone, presumably, morally superior. Of course that was done from the outset. You projected what have been demonstrated to be your emotional and fallacious argument onto proponents of Reparations. You claimed "our" arguments were emotion-based and unreasoned when the fact of the matter is those are, by far, better descriptions of your arguments right down to your "self-respect" and "how will Whites view us" sentiments.

Also, again, you position yourself to be morally superior because you will pretend that you have no selfish motive involved, even suggest that you would defy your own take on what people would do or say to get "something for nothing" but, by extension, make no such allowance for those of us who are in favor of Reparations. Apparently, our position must be selfishly, personally motivated.

The title survey here, aside... (and I think Frenchy may have requested something like this)... it appears that, at least in 2003, every Black person (accepting your framing of the issue as "getting something for nothing" via cash checks, I'm sure) wasn't on that bandwagon: