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Reply to "Survey Shows Most Blacks Favor Slavery Reparations"

Actually I am at odds with the idea that black America is "Owed" something. I think the people that were owed died years ago.
Then that's what you "need" to have said from the Get-Go instead of all that "negative" *ish!

I know I could give $$$$ what you think about someone who's a proponent of Reparations. But, we have you on record with that "negative" *ish. You think proponents of Reparations are essentially "WEAK".

Speaking about that four-letter word in quotes above... (I'm trying Frenchy):
In this case we are the grandchildren and the American government has always been an enemy to our people so if they didn't pay our great grandparents what they were owed what makes you think they would give it to us?
Once again, without me asking the value of your rhetorical question (which is almost inherently problematic): SO SAID THE SLAVE... SO SAID THE NEGRO.

We can just substitute that emotion-born, Lack Of STRENGTH-and-Resolve laden SENTIMENT of yours like so:

  • If they didn't [free] our parents/grandparents, etc. what makes you think they [will free] us?

  • If they didn't [stop Jim Crow] for our parents/grandparents, etc. what makes you think they [will end it] for, because of us?

    Your view again butts up against, is complicated and CONTRADICTED by, a STRONG and POWERFUL (and proud) BLACK HISTORY of not resigning to those types of thoughts. Those type of non-centered, conviction lacking SENTIMENTS.
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