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Reply to "Survey Shows Most Blacks Favor Slavery Reparations"

If reparations are "too little," then what would be adequate? You don't seems to be at odds with the fact that Black America is owed something.
And so he pokes holes in his own logic.

B-Nite, you complained about "negativity" but again you seem to be okay with you giving off the negativity... That and you're pretty damn comfortable with not supporting, logically, a damn thing you've said.

It's more of us sounding like victims instead of the strong people...
And so you're calling proponents of Reparations "WEAK". That's very "positive", I hope you know...

We... understand that this country has always hated us and that we need to build everything we get for ourselves.
So you would either resign us to Manumission or just outright acceptance of either the station of Slavery or the second-class citizenship of post-Slavery/pre-Civil Rights America. Hmm... Which is pretty interesting. Because some very STRONG and PROUD Black People were instrumental in the dismantling of both of those Most Racist Regimes. But you, you would just resign us to merely "doing for ourselves" and not changing the very system that hampers us optimizing that very Do-For-Self and self-determination you espouse as if it exists and is uneffected by the large society and the way that society is ordered.

It's a pie in the sky thought to actually believe we will ever recieve them.
And so said the slave who depreciated AGITATION against Slavery. So said the scared and/or proud (happy with his "place") Negro during Segregation.

Now, certainly if our forebears in an age with there were much more reason due to the brutality (imposed with impunity) during those Most Racist Regimes could Do/Force The Impossible Regime Change in their time, when they had much more to lose (like with near certainty their life, etc.)... then, with that as a lesson, your SENTIMENTS (voiced without conviction) only show how comfortable you are with resigning to let that "hate" and disrespect to our peoplehood go.

I believe one of the great lessons of the Civil Rights Movement was that challenging the established order was a very positive thing for the Black Soul. Now, they did that knowing full well that "White People HATED" them, in a way that was much more vivid and "real" then than it supposedly (and perhaps actually) is today. So what is the problem?

I suggest that that same type of thing is a major part of what makes the fight for Reparations "positive".

As I have written previously, the greatest challenge in the national debate over African-American reparations is in convincing black people, not whites, that we can actually win. The greatest struggle of the oppressed is always against their own weaknesses, doubts, and fears. The reparations demand is most liberating because it has the potential for transforming how black people see themselves, and our own history.
Simply put, I agree with that logic and historically proven sentiment.

The fact that you use the words "victims" with a negative connotation (when that's actually what reparations/restitution is about - compensating, restoring to "victims" what "they" have lost) shows how you have some very "NEGATIVE" attitudes that run counter to the spirit of some of the STRONGEST examples of Strong Black People in our history here.

Now, check your "Foolish Pride" and other "they hate us" sentiments against that. Check it against the very history of the work and sacrifice of some very STRONG BLACK PEOPLE who have contributed to whatever it is you think we can and should do in terms of "building ourselves up".

But still, you've never spoke to how fighting to change the system or placing demands on the system is either counterproductive to or mutually exclusive from "building ourselves up".

Show your "self-esteem" and contend with that.

I can and will post what I feel, regardless if it is a popular opinion...
As I have done with you. Now, why are you crying to me because you don't like the way I feel about what you have written, here or wherever?

Take your own apparent advise:

Also, as arrogantly as I can... Please, learn how to support your claims and contentions. Sweeping (and/or unsupported) statements will be CHECKED, btw.