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Reply to "Survey Shows Most Blacks Favor Slavery Reparations"

You could have address this thread and the topic "better" but you chose to be "negative"...

Don't complain when I follow suit and respond with underwhelm-ment at the typical BS with all the ridiculous underlying ideas in your posts.

Your type of rhetoric can be a whole lot better.

  • We need to get beyond talks of reparations.

    What does that mean? To "get beyond" reparations?

  • We are better than that.

    Hmmm.... This is not logically related to the idea that "we aren't going to get [Reparations]."

    Did you even read the quote header for this forum? Think on that for a bit and factor that information into your rhetoric and how you address "us" and this forum.

  • We can build ourselves up...

    And this is related to Reparations HOW?
    This is a counterargument to Reparations HOW?
    How is that idea of yours, which is not lost on anyone here... How Is It Mutually Exclusive to Reparations? How is Reparations, advocating/fighting for it, delaying or forsaking that idea?

    Simply, you are saying what you would prefer rather than Reparations. Nevertheless, proponents for Reparations, plenty if not all, are all about "building ourselves up" WITH or WITHOUT Reparations. That has always been the case.

    So what is your point?
    There is absolutely no idea that can be sustained that suggest, as you do, that Reparations is such an obsession or activity that renders Black people from being incapable of doing anything else in terms of "building themselves up". You logic simply does not follow.

    Since you like stereotypes... How about this one? Since Black folks are known to have good "rhythm"? What makes you feel as if "we" are not able to advocate for Reparations AND "build ourselves up"?

    I mean, please show how one absolutely can't be done while doing the other. Simply, what you're saying doesn't make sense. So while you're revealing what you agree and disagree with, tell us exactly why you are against Reparations. It simply can't be because it is "counterproductive" or time/effort consuming as to take away from "building" ourselves up.

    People balance work/business and their personal lives all the time. Explain how such a balance is not and cannot be achieved and maintained when it comes to Reparations and us "building ourselves up".

    Also, please tell us by what authority have you been called to "preach"... I would appreciate that. You know, since you're making all these rhetorical statements about what we "need" and don't need to do.

    But, beyond that... Your idea that "since we're not going to get it" runs counter to OUR history. I'm sure there were plenty of Black folks talking about "Ya'll slaves need to stop begging White people for freedom... you know they ain't gonna do it."

    So, again, I ask you: WHAT IS THE VALUE OF YOUR COMMENTS?

    I'm sure some Negroes, during Slavery and even during the heart of the Civil Rights Movement, were (with clear history as my witness) exactly what you're trying to: That We Are "Better Than" That. All proud and accepting of the racist status quo, resigned to do precious little in the way of showing enough self-respect as to not accept "NO" - i.e. their "place", their imposed condition, etc. - for an answer.

    Again, please reflect on the forum header quote.

    An even better question is why are you coming at me with such negativity?
    Simply put, your "preaching", the condescension therein, is not at all "positive".

    We are "better than that", in your eyes because of what? Those of us who agree with Reparations, advocating for it are what then in your eyes?

    That's your NEGATIVITY. You certainly were not complimenting us.
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