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Reply to "Supreme Court Limits Powers of Police In Decision With Major Implications For Black Community"

Originally Posted by sunnubian:

"Sooo how are they gonna enforce this or this is more bullshit from the Supreme Court and US Gov't."




It's really b.s., and here's why:


Once police pull over a motoris, they cannot detain him without reasonable suspicion that he has done something worse than violate a traffic law.


The phrase, "reasonable suspicion" is the clandestine 'out', and therefore, sanction for police to continue doing exactly what they are doing now with complete impunity.  


After all, isn't that what cops have been using as an excuse to harass, "Stop and Frisk", illegally and unconstitutionally approach, detain, handcuff and arrest Black people in the first place.  


Which is why I roll my eyes at this shit.


I am at the point where maybe we should just elect police officiers as a community because all these laws and solutions don't get rid of the problem.


That there is some ingrained narrative and consciousness in the world where they just have a great need to oppression and subjugate African people.


So I wanna get away from these motherfuckers so we can do us and be peaceful. Like fuck the cameras, fuck timers, fuck all these laws, leave us alone. 


We know this crap is stupid and there are loopholes and the pigs gonna do what pigs do no matter if they Black, White, Asian, or Latino.

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