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Reply to "Supreme Court Limits Powers of Police In Decision With Major Implications For Black Community"

Sooo how are they gonna enforce this or this is more bullshit from the Supreme Court and US Gov't.


I mean at a certain point we just gonna have to call bullshit and none of these damn laws do us any favors. All it is loose talk, platitudes and cliches. 


I mean we gonna have timers now? How long is too fucking long? First we need cameras, now we need timers.


At a certain point, either the USA gov't, Satan himself, gonna need to have a sit down with Black people and talk openly.


"What is your problem with us? We want a solution to this issue you have so we can move the hell on with our lives."


We need to ask directly some hard questions.


Like a Malcolm X articulated so many times, if you are a citizen of a country, you don't special laws (or decisions) like this to ensure your security. We obviously not citizens of the USA.


I am not interested in laws that don't do shit and just further proves how much of a citizen I am not. Most of these laws are like Emancipation Proclamation, it's just nice sounding shit that can't be enforced.


We have had laws against all discrimination and racial oppression since the freeing of slaves and none of them stopped a damn thing. Ain't stopped us from being poor, under-educated, murdered, beaten, raped, imprisoned, and put under gov't supervision. While White people are free and rich. Asians are free and rich.


Like I'ma depend on a law that prevent traffic stops from going over 30 mins. 


I can see it now...


"Officer you can't keep me here pass 10:25..."


"Shut up nigger I can do whatever I want, you were driving suspiciously, I have probable cause. Take this breathalyzer test and we gonna search your car."



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