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Reply to "Supporting Black Leaders."

Originally posted by maverick:
Hey guys cool it. calling isn't necessary. To Vox and Audio Guy I apologize for insulting you on my last post. I have to admit I take things a little too personally sometimes. Truth is we can't see each other on this board, all we see are the words so we can't tell if someone is just stating a fact or being insulting. I even remember a case in 2002/2003 of someone being killed under these circumstances.

Well Maverick, speaking of name calling, your advice, and words of wisdom would be more valuable here. With respect to name calling and personal attacks, no one can surpass Nmaginate in this regard! Don't take my word for it, let any rational reader be the judge!

"Where you lying sack of shit? WHERE?

Oh... that's why you're not going to quote anything else. You know you're lying. Fucking TumbleWeed..." by Nmaginate

"What a fucking dumbass you are... by Nmaginate", directed at IronHorse

" conversations in here have nothing to do with org behavior or technology management. I roll with the flow others dictate (like my Spurs) and play along when I rebut what a person says based on facts and social research and they tell me to f-k off or reply with some BS that is insulting, then that is how we roll from now on....and when people start communicating with the level of respect and professionalism shown in a classroom...then we roll in that mannner....i'll be damned if I stay on a civil plane while others demean, degrade and insult others while ducking and dodging respectful, specific questions-fuck em......." by Kevin41 a so-called university professor.....At face value, considering this statement in his own words, I wouldn't recommend Kevin41 to instruct anyone close to my circle!

....indeed the name calling must stop. Respect must also be mutual, otherwise there will be no peace, be it name calling or otherwise!


Michael Lofton
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