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Reply to "Supporting Black Leaders."

"Lofton, you are "disrespected" by everybody here because you are a fool." by buckwheat

Not everybody, just a few, meaning the "Pompous Professor of Pomposity" Kevin41, "Can't Back anything up" Kweli4Real, "Playing the Race Card" Nmaginate, Ricardomath, A.K.A."Buckwheat", Herustar, Vox, and a few others.

Well, Buckwheat if you expect to be respected by Michael Lofton you have to first give it!

posted January 16, 2004 11:17 PM

Some people would say that I'm crazy, but most would say just the opposite, because credit should only be given where it is due. Since Martin Luther King, the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, SCLC, PUSH, the Congressional Black Caucus, the so-called Black middle class, are not in any way responsible for my success, and/or anyone in my circle, then credit in this instance is truly deserving as applied to:

1. My parents.

2. My own effort to succeed.

3. A few teachers.

4. A few friends who have helped me along the way.

5. Any doctor who helped to save my life.

6. Any co-worker who has helped me along the way.

7. Any stranger who went beyond the call in making my day.

8. Joe Pine, and the owners of the Joe Pine Radio Station.

9. One lone Black woman who made it her business to help re-unite my immediate family, the exception being one of my sisters, who spent at least eighteen years of her life, from the time that she was a toddler, to be hidden and passed between deceitful Black foster parents to keep the AFDC benefits flowing.

10. The Daily News for printing the truth about my family as opposed to the many falsehoods that Black journalists employed by the Los Angeles Sentinel, couldn't publish the story straight even if the author gave it to them verbatim.

11. Booker Griffin, of KGFJ Black radio station, who helped to provide public exposure for one of my immediate family members in a bid to unseat, the no good Buffoon in an elected office holder, former Los Angeles City Councilman Nate Holden.

It will be a "Cold Day in Hell" before I will ever give credit for my success, and/or any of my immediate family members success to any:

13. No good treasonous Black social worker who aided and abetted in the destruction of my immediate family for profit.

12. Deceitful Black foster parents who without legal authority used my brothers, sisters, and I, to collect AFDC benefits, to pay down on their mortgage, pay down on personal luxuries, finance that private education for their offspring, etc., through the destruction of any law abiding Black family, such as the Lofton family, for their own personal financial gain.

13. Any poverty pimping jack-leg Black preacher.

14. Any game playing Black elected official in an illegal immigrant Merv Dymally, Brentwood Burke, Congresswoman Diane Watson, etc., etc.

15. The owners, and journalists affiliated with the Los Angeles Sentinel, the largest Black owned worthless newspaper on the planet.

16. The leadership of the NAACP, which is sleazy at its best.

17. Any Dr. Martin Luther King, who again has absolutely no connection to my success. Mind you back in the day the destruction of the Black family structure for profit surely existed. Mind you just as surely as Caucasians disregarded the rights of Black people, the same and/or worse can be said about Black people who show contempt for the rights of other Black people, who have not infringed upon their rights in any way.

18. Those Black social workers who falsely accused my parents of kidnapping their own offspring, who would go to any length to summons police officers to arrest my Dad, and Mom for the erroneous charge of kidnapping their own flesh and blood, which is the height of disregard for the traditional Black family unit.

19. That no good Black social worker, who summons policing authorities to drag my parents out of the house, while in their pajamas, at 4 A.M. in the morning, on a bogus recommendation to commit both of them to section 95, which is insanity court.

Mind you, my parents belief in themselves, and the value that Caucasians have in respect for the laws on the books, ruled my Dad and Mom both sane and competent. If left up to Black people my Dad and Mom would have been confined to an insane asylum.

20. Last but not least that Black probation officer, who places minors, including infants on Probation. The minors, and infants, in this instance being my immediate family members.

All the above occurred during the height of the civil rights movement, and/or during the 1970's, to which virtually every Black elected official, Civil Rights Organization, Dr. Martin Luther King, many Black Preachers, were made aware of these very serious and un-American atrocities, as it relates truly un-American practices of breaking up law abiding Black families for profit.

Not a one of these individuals spoke up, too even so much as use five minutes out of their day to respond to these very serious atrocities, as it relates to the unwarranted destruction of the Black family structure for profit by other Black people.

Just as in contemporary times, it is very popular for that civil rights movement, or prominent leader, in a Dr. Martin Luther King, a deceitful Reverend Jesse Jackson, an NAACP, PUSH, the Congressional Black Caucus, many of the so-called Black middle class, to show contempt toward Caucasians for very serious civil or criminal law violations, but when it comes time to hold any Black people who fit this description accountable for the civil or criminal law violations that Black people perpetrate on other Black people, this message board, any room, the Black Church, a football stadium filled with Black folks, etc., become so quiet, you would think that the lights are on, and no one is present, or should the victim protest, be is called an Uncle Tom, referred to as being insane, ridiculed, etc.

Again, I only give credit where it is due, to which it should be plain as day as to where my loyalty rests, and who my heroes are, which do not include Dr. Martin Luther King, Reverend Jesse Jackson, any game playing Black elected official, the Los Angeles Sentinel, any Black social worker, any Black probation officer, any Black foster parent, the NAACP, any jack leg poverty pimping Black preacher and their chitterling eating deceitful deacons, and/or any defenders of any of these disgraceful individuals, from any misfit set from within the Black community.

Not that I've written off all of Black America, because the Pompous Professors of Pomposity, the Norlands, etc., are a huge part of the problem and not the solution.

....and Caucasian America like always I made it possible for you to stay tuned. It is certain that you have been following the Lofton story for many years. There is no question that the so-called Black university educated, Black America's own elected leadership have failed, because the reality of it speaks for itself.

The defendents being the LAUSD, in Los Angeles County Case C#895188, to which a mountain of evidence exists to prove that the Los Angeles Unified School District, is in fact guilty as charged.

The question still remains as once again, ..... upon meeting at that fork in the road, "Are there Any Rights that the Truly Law Abiding of Black America have that Mandate Respect?

Dread Scott came to this same fork back in the day, to which the reality of the answer was no.

In light of the fact that Black people have served the U.S. honorably during times of War, being my Dad an honorably discharged Buffalo Soldier combat veteran of WW2...., one being one of my brothers an honorably discharged Naval War veteran of Desert Storm, and the many Black people who serve in the American Revolution, WWI, WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Desert Storm, and now Iraq.

"Nice weather we've been having lately. Don't you think?

It is this type of BS that has relegated you to the HA, HA, HA zone of posters.

Did I read that daddy Lofton is a veteran of WWII, the Korean Conflict, Vietnam, and Desert Storm? Surely, you jest

Are you saying that his military career spanned more than 40 years ... and expect anyone to believe you?

When, then, pray tell did all this really, really bad stuff happen to your family? When did he run for office? When did ...

Aw Hell, nice weather we've be having lately. Don't you think? by Kweli4Real

...indeed nice weather we are having. The information shared is already documented in a court of law. Yep, Kweli, unlike you a mountain of hard evidence exists to validate the information as referenced.

....At this point in time it is more of a responsiblity for a Kweli4Real, a Kevin41, a Buckwheat, etc., to prove that this didn't happen,......that is if some of these individuals expect to receive so much as a dime in reparations for the vestibule of slavery.

I don't have to resort to mis-statement of fact to support my contentions.

.....and the Black middleclass expect to receive reparations for slavery, yet some of the Black middle class have contributed to the break-up of the traditional Black family structure for profit themselves.

....This has all the makings of a hypocrit. In all fairness that so-called Black middleclass need to make restitution to the many Black families they have destroyed, for a practice, pertaining to the illegal and unwarranted destruction of the law abiding Black family for profit that was supposed to have ended when slavery ended.


Michael Lofton


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