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Reply to "Supporting Black Leaders."

Originally posted by Michael:

What goes around comes around. Looks like a few individuals are recieving some of the same sarcacism, and disrespect, that they have sent my direction.

Mind you, the only thing that I've done, to deserve such treatment, is to express the reality that far too many of our own Black elected leaders are a disgrace, treasonous, etc., etc, and the associated foolishness of the so-called Black middle-class who promote these individuals.


Michael Lofton[/URL]

Lofton, you are "disrespected" by everybody here because you are a fool.

You post the same idiocy over and over again, with the same mile long mind numbing posts that nobody in their right mind would ever actually read. In your efforts to tear down Black Leaders such as MLK, you come here pushing your agenda that you bring from webpages hosted by (White Pride World Wide!) such as

You refuse to back down on even your silliest statements, such as your claim that Merv Dymally is an illegal immigrant, and held his US Congressional seat illegally. (You even once made the same accusation against Shirley Chisolm, claiming that as an illegal immigrant, she also held office illegally in the US Congress.) I would have though that even you would have quietly dropped that one during your absense from here.

Lofton, why don't you just go play with your friends over at the Protest Whinier Forum and at Stormfront's "The Truth About Martin Luther King" Discussion Forum?