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Reply to "Supporting Black Leaders."

These suckers don't know but they'll soon come to find out, they don't run shit in here forreal....

Seems to me your ass keeps Running In Circles... cabbage

"Take My Word For It" has you running a marathon. Oops! I made a mistake. You can't be running in circles... because you will never return to the damn point of the thread, let alone support the very thing you're RUNNING FROM!!

quote: most DEFINATELY doesn't make you a better person if you can support your information with links and other various sources.

And I'm laughing... SERIOUSLY!! laugh

Dude, you're the only one concerned (and I should say obsessed) with this "better person" BULLSHIT! Supporting what you say is BARE MINIMUM stuff, Iron~ Something that's not even a concern or a burden for anyone without "I'm better" issues.

Really, what is that bullshit all about?

I will readily point to any number of posters here who are "smarter" and more accomplished than me. That's no sweat off my brow. It just seems like if you can anticipate things as you have (in all your crazy presumptions) then one thing above all that you should have been prepared for was providing some support for what you had to say.

The funny thing about it, my initial question-request was made in passing. Just a simple request for you to provide support for what you said SINCE YOU brought it up. You know, that remarkably IRRELEVANT piece of unqualified/unverified information.

Your chosen topic was: SUPPORTING BLACK LEADERSHIP (or Leading Blacks)

Now, I'm still trying to figure out how mentioning Black "slaveowners", etc. advances a discussion of that issue.

What's even more funny is, since you act like you've done so much research (i.e. observed my or our posting activities/manners)... what's funny is that you will find very little if any type of comments by me on Colin or Condi. But that didn't stop you from assuming, explicitly or implicitly, that I somehow "disrespect" them.

It's funny how "YOU PEOPLE" come to this forum with pre-conceived notions and, like the DEBRA-tant you are, you just seem to be too unprepared/underprepared for discussions when someone, like myself, doesn't fit into one of your pre-contrived, pre-conceived box.

"Afro-culturalism"... Big Grin That's so cute!

I guess me trying to "RUN" a real conversation, discussion or debate with you is something to be avoided like the plague, huh?

But keep RUNNING, Iron~
Keep RUNNING from your own words... bsm
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