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Reply to "Support the troops...."

Originally posted by EbonyRose:
it is still a different matter than having the government send it's military troops through a city, burning every building, shooting every man, raping most if not all the women and girls and kidnapping the boys to become military soldiers. And that is what happens in (way too many) countries in Africa _today_.

I intentionally did not say that we are not persecuted here in America - of course I know we are, and in everyway you just mentioned and then some!! Eek Bbut, I was just not speaking of that in this comment, and the persecution we face may be of the same mentality, but is not conducted in the same way as it is in Angola. Plus, over there, it is not just the gov't, and the military, but also any police, or any other group or tribe the gov't may decide to give arms to.

I can trust my federally-sponsored troops not to do me like that ... at least for now, anyway!

Black Wallstreet/Tulsa Oklahoma anyone?...There were AIR STRIKES...How soon we forget...


Check the links to Imperialist wars launched by the U.S. I posted it on this thread. Lamumba, Kwame Kkrumah, and countless other coups of democrastically elected leaders, particularly in Africa, are all courtesy of the CIA. Bin Laden and Sadaam were not the only people trained by the CIA to do their bidding in international locations. We can't remain ignorant of these facts. Also check you honestly think the CIA would stop with internal COINTELPRO?

Marcus Garvey's Pan-African movement got the CIA to recruti it's first Black Agent. It wasn't just because he was effecting Africans in Amerikkka...