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Reply to "Support the troops...."

Originally posted by KISONGO:

US military forces are stationed and are operating RIGHT NOW in Angola, Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda amid throngs of vicious guerrillas, troops, and rebels! Inquire with the US military intelligence officers if you don't believe me. American troops have a long history of supporting civil wars in Africa in order to gain our countries natural resources!! It's how black Americans in the military assist their government in oppressing African civilians on the continent through covert operations, sabotage, subversion and assisting guerillas movements. Don't act like you don't know this. You can condemn African nations all you want, but to forget the racism and despotism of the US in Africa is a case of brainwashing. In doing so, you believe the lies of The Bush administration and the Europeans who have this hypocrite and self-righteousness attitude about them, which is their foreign policy motivations. Bill Clinton played the same hypocrite attitude in Rwanda in 1994 when the whole world knows the Rwandans troubles was significantly manipulated by the allies, like the Great lakes conflicts, those in Sudan, Liberia, and elsewhere in Africa. This knowledge is out there just check it.

I have no doubt that we have military personnel in africa as I myself have seem briefings showing the disposition of US forces around the world, I'm just waiting for proof of your statement that they had been involved in the mass killings in Rwanda. Once again you confuse american troops with government policy makers, american troops do not have a long history of supporting civil war in africa, american foreign policy as decided by corrupt elected officials might but I guarantee that most military officers could give a shit about civil war in africa.

It makes sense you would support your military wreaking havoc in black neighborhoods in America. It seems you see no problem killing your own people too for white men interest. Why? Because blacks hate themselves the world over. I just finished reading about 2 young black American men who were murdered by young black American men who bragged about making them suck the gun and blowing their brains out. This was in Chicago. I've heard of many violent encounters between black Americans and other black Americans in the USA. The self-hatred is way too deep. This doesn't make you angry or sad as hell? Unfortunately for me it does.

You are so incredible sad, by your own use of the word "terrorist" you described the character of the individual who would be wrecking havoc in black neighborhoods and because he or she is black they get a pass, not only are you sad but dangerous. This is not a matter of self hatred, this is a matter of seeking justice aganist people who are full of self-hate and intent on destroying their own. Killing terroist in my neighborhood is not in the interest of the white man its in my best interest, if they are so full of self hate that they would kill their own, my own self interest says take them out. As for black on crime reading about it is never the same as seeing it and living it, yes the amount of black on black crime bothers me and makes me angry but if black terrorist are wreaking havoc in black neighborhoods i.e. as in Iraqi yes I fully expect the military, the police, fire department, US Postal service and any other local, state and federal agency to do something about it.

For your information I don't live in the US I can't stand anything about America!! But what type of childish rhetoric is it to expect black Americans who don't like there to leave instead of remaining there in disagreement, debating the issues to deal with them in substance? No, to me those blacks are neither unpatriotic nor imbeciles. What is the US forces combating? Black folk enemy or the white men enemy? One thing I can see is that those blacks you criticize are not supporting the blacks who are fighting along side white and spilling blood for white. What good is a war if blacks don't even fight their real enemy? There is no good reason for me to support any army directly or indirectly lead by whites, they are supremacist and imperial machines WAKE UP!!!!

I'm not criticizing blacks who don't support the war, I don't support the war but as an ex military officer some of your notions about the military and it deciding foreign policy are just plan silly. To somehow blame the troops for policies decided upon by men not even in uniform and as with this administration men who never wore the uniform I have a problem with.