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Reply to "Support the troops...."

Originally posted by KISONGO:
Jazzdog, Ocatchings, EgbertSouse,

First of all I am not a "pal" but a girl. Secondly your arguments show me anything new or convincing to me, I still don't understand why a black person would support the military. I guess when you see that many black Americans who would do what they can get no matter to get dollars, I sort of understand. But I still couldn't allow myself to be pimped for the sake of dollars and free college. It's funny that it's so easy to go die for white hegemony, but what blacks can accomplish is all of the divisiveness among us. Your troops are trained heroes/puppets, when they confidently lead genocide and civil wars in Africa that money is worth it? Another question if you are insensible to the plight of continental Africans - when the US decides to hunt down terrorists in Harlem will you supports them to do that? The world laugh at the blacks in the US military and their black supporters knowing how blacks are pimped and b**ch slapped at home. In this world the militaries are not created to combat enemies but for theft, racism, and murder!

Thats ok if you don't understand the reasoning a black person would join the military, I don't understand and I don't mean you in particular how a black person can rage about living in this country with all the horrors but continue to stay and live in the shit, if it is son freaking bad then leave. If someone threw you in a pit of shit would all you do is complain while sitting in it, I kinda of doubt it, you would probably get your butt out of it.

Moving on to genocide and civil war in Africa the last time I checked the only people waging genocide and civil war were africans killing other africans, do we have a secret third war going on in africa that nobody knows anything about where american troops are actively engaged in combat. If the US decides to hunt down terrorist in Harlem absolutely I will support that issue, the key word and its one that you used is "terrorist" not innocent civilian but "terrorist" and if they are the kind of terrorist like in Iraqi that are actually killing their own, damn right they need to be hunted down.

Its amazing that military in your words are created for theft, racism and murder but the stone cold facts are that we did not go into Iraqi even with the weak excuse of WMD's until after 9/11 when we were attacked. It seems that if we were so intent on inflicting murder and theft that for starters we would have invaded Cuba long ago especially considering its closeness to our own country, we would have invaded Libya with its massive oil fields, Syria with its fondness for supporting terrorists but we haven't. Your whole argument and so called analysis is based on our war in Iraqi while ignoring the obivious opportunities that if we were as you say we are that we have failed to capitalize on.

Finally, considering how our fellow brothers and sister in africa pimp and bitch slap each other, I really wouldn't talk about blacks in america. Somehow being pimped by one of your own is 10 times worse then being pimped by your oppressor.