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Reply to "Study: Black Teachers Won’t Save Black Students from Receiving Harsher Punishments Than Their White Peers"

Originally Posted by Momentum:


Really I think black kids did better in school in all black schools but is that the kind of society we want America to be?


I mean Asian kids in California go to all Asian schools. I bet Jewish kids in certain parts in NY go to all Jewish schools.


I think it's about the quality of school and how interested States are in funding Black Public Schools.


Black schools don't get funded because rich Blacks leave Black areas and go live with White folks and fund White public schools and private schools.


It's about what we do with our money and what we don't get, with our, "Well nigga I got mines" mentality, is we fuck up everything because we thinking stupid.


Most schools are public institutions funded by property taxes. If nothing but poor people live there, the school is gonna be crappy with crappy teachers and angry students - already angry because they poor, but then they go to a rundown school. 


If gov't funding for anything Black is already frowned upon and certain gov' Regans and Nixons axed funding for cities, and we live in urban areas...then we have suffered generations of being underfunded by the government. 


If you think about it, we as a ethnic group in the USA, fund our own public services just by living next to each other - it's already taxed from us. If everytime we get a little money, we move away from each other, we doing ourselves a disservice.