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Reply to "Study: Black Teachers Won’t Save Black Students from Receiving Harsher Punishments Than Their White Peers"

Originally Posted by sunnubian:
Originally Posted by Fabulous:

"I think to help teachers to be more fair with our kids, parents have a big part in that too."




I absolutely agree 



Teachers should be fair with our kids no matter what our involvement is.  

But we know in every aspect of life there is white privilege and bias against blacks. I think black parents should know that is the baseline in every single exchange we have when white people are involved especially white teachers and administrators, including white people we trust. 


Until blacks get more organized and vocal about social inequalities things will never change quick enough. 


Studies like this and blacks pointing out every single time shit happens is black people's burden. So parents need to protect their kids already knowing that they are targets. 


Really I think black kids did better in school in all black schools but is that the kind of society we want America to be?

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