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Reply to "Study: Black Teachers Won’t Save Black Students from Receiving Harsher Punishments Than Their White Peers"

This is the truth. Black people in positions of authority are often worse than White people in positions of authority because Black people are constantly trying to prove to White people that they are not "race conscious" or even worse, they try to prove to White people they are on their side or even worst than that, they enjoy power and don't mind wielding it against their own race's best interest. 


I rather have a White male teacher than a Black female teacher.


I rather have a Black male teacher over a White male teacher. But Black male teachers are rare.


Black female teachers are the worst. Especially if you are Black male. Get a Black female teacher over the age of 40 and expect to face the wrath. 


Black male teachers are often the coolest, next to the White male teacher. White male teachers often just want to do their job and get the fuck on with their lives. Some can be headstrong, but often times White males just want their ass kissed and they'll give you leeway for it. IF you get in good with a White male teacher, your academic career will be smooth.


Piss them off that's your ass. 


White female teachers can be a hit or a miss. Some of them watch too many White female teacher save the pack of niggas movies and they grow a weird liking to you. Some automatically can't stand you thus you gotta walk on eggshells around them. 


But as a Black male student, you gonna want to avoid female teachers at all costs because they can't handle male energy, even the Black female teachers hate your guts soon as you walk in. Women become teachers to be around other girls. They want to mold  young females. They don't want to fuck with males. A lot of female teachers hate males. 


The first instinct is to castrate males in order to protect female students.


The second instinct is find ways to get rid of male students that refuse to comply to castration. That's where you get detentions for "talking loud". Suspensions for "classroom disruption". 


And for Black female students, it's all bad because you are automatically deemed combative unless you put on your best valley girl accent. Nobody wants to deal with Black female students. Their academic situation in regards to disparate punishments is worse than Black males. At least masculinity as a whole is deemed a hindrance in educational institutions and the punishment gap between Black males and White mans isn't as glaring. But White girls are treated like angels and Black girls are deemed too masculine, too abrasive and too combative thus teachers want to get rid of them. 


Black female students are the worse, because at least a Black male can be "cool and hip" and be an athlete and shit. A Black female student can't do anything to gain favor an the educational system because there is no place for a Black female. 


She can't be cool because expressions of Black female cool is deemed "ghetto" unless you are Beyonce or Rhianna and then it's girl power and being strong. She can't be a star athlete and gain favor because then she's masculine and male sports are above female sports. She can't be "preppy" because then she is an oreo and is competing with White girls and White is always right. 



The best thing for Black female students to do is fine a female teacher that isn't a bitch and in competition with her and attach herself to her.  


it's hard being a Black student.


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