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Reply to "Stealing called borrowing...."Cultural Appropriation: When ‘Borrowing’ Becomes Exploitation"


journalist Zipporah Gene asking black Americans to stop appropriating African clothing and tribal marks. She argued this indicated “ignorance and cultural insensitivity.”


I'm going to be the FIRST to say to this White-bootlicking, African housenigger:  F--K YOU!!!!!

AND, that it is IGNORANT of HER to first, imply that African Americans have no right to African culture, and ESPECIALLY IGNORANT of her to assume that ALL African Americans don't know who their ancestors are [Alex Haley is not the only African American that actually knows who his ancestors were or what African tribe they came from].  

All she is, is another piece of Black turd that is doing no more than pandering to racist Whites who have probably been in her dumb-ass black ear telling her how "she is different than African Americans" or that 'they are only racist against African American, not Africans', and she is dumb and ignorant enough to fall for that nigger-psychology.  

But since she feels that way, then she needs to stop APPROPRIATING African American culture, by the way she's wearing her hair, and the American/Western clothing that she is wearing, or by speaking English, etc., because, evidently, she must be doing so out of IGNORANCE and CULTURAL INSENSITIVITY.  

Her dumb-ass, and really, no other Africans get to tell us what our culture is, because WE define our own culture, and since the vast majority of Africa Americans are descents of West Africa, we don't need her DUMB, IGNORANT ASS 'o.k.' to do a damn thing that is culturally West African,whether Nigerian, of Benin, or the Congo, or any damn where else in Africa, [because truthfully, though the majority of Africans were brought here from West Africa during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, still others were from North Africa].  

And, what makes her stupid statement MOST IGNORANT is the fact that African "culture", i.e., religious philosophy, spirituality and rituals, creations in science and mathematics, astronomy and astrology, and sciences like medicine, physics, and chemistry, etc., etc., has been APPROPRIATED by the entire world, Europeans, Asians/Asiatics, "Arabs", "Indians", but she steps waaaay over allllllll of that, to 'throw shade' at African Americans, nobody else, but African Americans.

She also needs to divulge who, exactly it is, that has paid her to literally BE a DIVIDE-AND-CONQUER TOOL in the first place.  

We can't APPROPRIATE that which is already just as much ours as it is hers, to honor, gravitate to, respect, indulge in and emulate.  


 [Oh, and don't get me started on the Africans that were already here before the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade]




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