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Reply to "State of the Union: NPR WANTS YOUR VIEW"

It is SIMPLY AMAZING TO ME that the very same people who CHEERLEAD for Hugo Chavez, Castro and Mugabe AGAINST the United States are now BYTCHING about the economic state of THEIR COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*This country who's LAND IS STOLEN.
*This country who's wage rates were estabished via IMPERIALISM where it suppressed the development of other nations so that it's core industries (steel, manufacturing, mining) could be built up.
*This country which made use of PROTECTIONIST trade policies that kept the goods produced by poor farmers and other individuals around the world from having a fair shot on the American market because this country wanted to protect the incomes of American farmers.
*This country who steals oil from around the world by proping up corrupt dictatorships
*This country who has about 4% fo the world's population but produces about 25% of the world's pollution
*This country which has 2 million people imprisoned as a means of population control, and reducing the unemployment rate and of course because of RACISM