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Reply to "State of the Union: NPR WANTS YOUR VIEW"

Originally posted by Frenchy:
Well, we're clearly much worse off than we were before. Unemployment is up. Wages don't cover the same standard of living for most people anymore, but you're putting in longer hours at the office/on the field. Social programs are being cut. Public broadcasting is actually being threatened if they don't air programs favorable to the administration. Protests and outrage are useless as we have officials who pay no attention to that and follow their own agenda, so people have become apathetic. The country is deeply divided in every way possible: along gender lines, race lines, citizenship lines, party lines, you name it. bang

Speak for yourself.

"Worse off before" what?

In the past 5 years I have had 2 children, gotten a new job with a 5 figure raise, paid off the majority of my debt and gotten more spiritually focused.

Maybe rather than looking to what the GOD-verment can distribute to you it is time to look for another more effective source for grace?

The United States might be facing more challenges as other powers around the world rise up from the previos period of colonialism and players in the big battle between the US and the USSR but I believe that people inside of this container called the USA have a tremendous amount of opportunity to succeed and live a good life.

Some of you focus on your own decline in relative terms but you still can't project your relative wealth as compared to the human beings in the Sudan, Pakistan, Haiti or Honduras.