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State of the Union: NPR WANTS YOUR VIEW

I've been asked by a National Public Radio affiliate to poll members about their perceptions of the current 'state of the union' in anticipation of the president's speech tommorow night. If you will, please share your thoughts about where we are as a country; your sense of 'how we're doing', etc. I think it's safe to say that they are seeking the "African American perspective" (whatever that is). bsm

Our responses will be published on an NPR site/blog begining tomorrow night. Let's give them our best!!! tfro

BTW - here's the text of the email request for additional context. If you'd like to post your response directly there on the site, please feel free to do so.

In honor of Dubya's SOTU address Tuesday evening, we are presenting our
own BOTU: the blogging of the union. Tomorrow, Jan 31, 7 to 8, ET.

The assignment is simple enough: assemble your usual speechwriters and
compose a post on the State of your Union, describing how America looks
to you.

Details here:

I like the observation that the only serious greeting among adults who
dare is: what are you going through? So... what are we Americans going
through? On the farm, on the job, in the battalion, on your page, in
your email?


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