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Reply to "South Africa changes name of Capital city."

Originally posted by James Wesley Chester:
You tweaked my brain again.

What is the traditional name (meaning real?) of Lake Victoria.

One of the Ugandan names for it is Nalubaale, which means "Lake of the Goddesses"...All the surrounding countries, and local people's have different names for it though.

By the way, I met a 'close friend' of Rhodes, the guy for whom Rhodesia (now Zaire??) was named. He had picture of the 'big rock' hanging in the corridor outside his office.

Zimbabwe actually...and you should have spat upon him(but of course you didn't know to do that back then)...Rhodes was the Hitler of Africa... You met the friend of a thief, homicidal maniac, and a general S.O.B...and birds of a feather... Your experience was kind of like meeting Himler...The only bastard worse than Rhodes when it comes to genocide, was King Leopold of the Congo(formerly Zaire)IMO.....Oh and that bitch welfare Queen of England is high on my list too, since a whole bunch of colonial butll-s*%!t was sanctioned by her globally...

This is the reason why I hate when folks brag they are a "Rhodes scholars"... The money they are using as scholarship funds if stolen right from the heart of Southern Africa! Rhodesians(what the colonial settlers called themsleves), are like the Afrikkaners of South Africa who instituted Aprtheid...there was a similar system in Zimbabwe...

I stopped in front of the picture and intoned, 'Do you know what that is Young fella/'

I said, 'A big rock.'

His look of expectation changed and he began to explain to me with authoritative satisfaction what it 'really' was.[/i]


Jim Chester

..."authoritative satisfaction"?!
I think I'm gonna' vomit. upset
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