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Reply to "South Africa changes name of Capital city."

Now, if we can get rid of the colonial borders and use the traditional name for Lake Victoria(That really iritates me)...maybe we will have the mindstate to get political/economic control amd self determination back too. One day...---Oshun Auset

You tweaked my brain again.

What is the traditional name (meaning real?) of Lake Victoria.

By the way, I met a 'close friend' of Rhodes, the guy for whom Rhodesia (now Zaire??) was named. He had picture of the 'big rock' hanging in the corridor outside his office.

I stopped in front of the picture and intoned, 'Do you know what that is Young fella/'

I said, 'A big rock.'

His look of expectation changed and he began to explain to me with authoritative satisfaction what it 'really' was.


Jim Chester