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Reply to "Some White People Still Believe They 'Own' Black People"

Norland posted:

I get mine relaxed every 3 to 4 months, just to get the comb through it easier. I don't wear weaves or wigs and don't color it. It's getting grayer by the minute and I have a slightly witchy look; keeps folks from fuckin' with me; you know how scared they get. I have a head full, it has a mind of it's own; keep it clean, it won't hold curls, my hubby loves it, and it's OK by me.

I use mostly oils on it to keep it moisturized; Tresemme shampoo & conditioner or sometimes Pantene and I'm good to go. I've never seen a Korean anything in my life, just the "Un" dude from North Korea every time he decides to send a missile flying into the Pacific Ocean every 5 days or so on my TV.

It was not a relaxer that sent my behind to the doctor yesterday; it was from those damned cigarettes I thought were so cool lookin' back in the day, to be puffin' on aftereffects. They aren't cute.

I was planning to stop relaxing my hair for years but kept putting it off. Then, one day I relaxed my hair, and had a scratch or something in my scalp that I had forgotten about.  After putting that relaxer in my hair that day, I was extremely sick for about two weeks, I even vomited.  

So, I think that the toxins and chemicals in the relaxer penetrated into my system and made me sick.  That was my last relaxer.  

I like my hair just the way it is now, and I too, feel liberated; and if I ever have any desire to have "straight" hair, I will flat iron it [thought, I doubt I'll even do that again].  

Also, as I became more conscious of my own "carbon footprint", I also felt like I was 'giving back to the green', so to speak, by not washing those toxic, poisonous, man-made chemicals down the drain.