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Reply to "Some White People Still Believe They 'Own' Black People"

GoodMan posted:
sunnubian posted:
GoodMan posted:

I see someone missed the sarcasm lmao...

 I am the last person that would actually want a person of African descent to fry their hair. 

Wow.  Sorry about that.  I was like, oh, no, not Goodman, too.  

My bad.  


I was like...


I bet someone gonna really think I mean this...I should put it in italics or something...


Then I was thinking, nah, I wanna see who really think this isn't sarcasm...

 Oh and I actually find myself staring at Black women with long natural hair or big puffy natural hair.

 If I saw that sista with her braids, I would have the puppy eyes.


Damn, I feel like finding her facebook or something.


You know an incident like this could get Cree Ballah noticed and parlay into something good, she got that sparkle.  Like I said, I bet this is more of an inner office jealousy drama and they did not expect the unintended exposure and consequences. White ppl do shyt like this all the time, love to play head games and hurt you, try to make you feel bad, typical white hate shyt.

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