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Reply to "Some sobering statistics on poverty"

Originally posted by Isome:
Why that's just the result of the globalization of capitalistic tendencies. We should feel lucky to be in one of the biggest exporters of capitalism... and the rest of the world should feel lucky to have our form of capitalism exported to them.

Roll Eyes

Isome, hold your tongue! Don't you dare put down our great nation! Why do you hate America so much? If you hate America and Americans so much, why don't you move to Cuba, North Korea or Vietnam with the rest of your "Socialist" Commie people! See how good the life is over there.

This country was founded on Capitalism, and anyone who says different is un-American. Socialism and Communism are dead. Capitalism is THE ONLY WAY. RESISTENCE IS FUTILE. You must join with us. You must serve our System......



[Being Serious]

Well, that's what you get when you have a country with Neoconservative politics and Neoliberal international economics.