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Reply to "Soldier mom refuses deployment to care for baby"

Quote by ricardomath: "This should change".
Per CNN interview of Specialist Alexis Hutchinson's civilian attorney, Rai Sue Sussman, stated that she did exactly what she was supposed to do.

She submitted her child care package in a timely manner well before her scheduled deployment and once she found out that her mom could not take care of her daughter, she filed for a 30 day extension well in advance prior to deployment to persue other child care options.

24 hours prior to her getting on the plane with her unit to Afghanstan she was notified by the her superior that her request for the extension of her child care package was denied.

She was left with only 24 hours to make a decision. She decided to not get on the plane.

Upon her refusal, she was immediately reprmanded and arrested by the military, restricted to her barracks, under heavy 24 hour watch and her child sent directly to foster care; child protection services in Georgia.

When her mother was notified by Spec Hutchinson of the situation, she went to child protection services, got her granddaughter and now has her.

The same mother, now being forced who, due to her being overwhelmed by the task, already caring for three other relatives with health problems. The very same reason that Spec Hutchinson filed for the child care extension in the first place.

Why didn't her supervisor (squad leader/ platoon sergeant/platoon leader or company commander) not follow-up? Ask her about the current status of her child care package and help/assist her explore other options? That's their job!!

And I'll bet that that her company commander made the decison (the busk stops with him) to deny her the extension since unit readiness, ie, MTOE (Military Table Of Effectiveness: personnel & equipment) is paramount and any deficiencies is deemed negative.

It's really no different than having pregeant soldiers in your unit. It's a negative: it goes against the unit readiness statistics.

How many other soldiers in the same/similiar or other circumstances have been a victim of this fate?

Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine. This is not right and despite being a military member and the accountabilities/responsibilites that comes along with it, this is not taking care of military members and just imagine the military members who had siniliar problem, got on that plane and are now fighting in the war zone, trying to stay alive with these types of unresolved personal issues.

According to her lawyer, the Army currently has 85,000 single parents.

I agree with ricardomath. It's 2009, not the 70's. The Cold War era is over. The military need to come into the present.

"Just suck it up and move on" does not cut it here.
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