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Reply to "Soldier mom refuses deployment to care for baby"

Yemaya, I agree, as a single parent in the military, per military regulations, she has to have a child care package and yes, there are a lot of unanswered questions about her entire situation (husband/boyfriend probably a deadbeat or maybe she is trying to avoid going) and by hook or crook, bascially on her own, she will have to make those arrangements with somebody to care for her child (i.e., power of atttorney) because in the end, she will be deployed to the war zone and serve a full tour of duty but my main gripe is the unknown.

The ill-advised, not-knowing, inattention and indecision of the higher levels of gov't and the upper brass military since these wars began to provide the optimal support, funding and truly enforce soldier care and family support groups while at home/army garrison so this type of thing (and many others) does not become what it is; a consistant repetitive problem every single day.

Especially when there is no clue as to the end game to this war (and these two wars) on terror and it's constant (4, 5 times etc) soldier war zone rotations.

And you know that if she does not comply, get her act together and not deploy, she will face military charges, get a lawyer and fight being discharged dishonorably and/or face jail time.

Military has got to re-examine and get a better handle on this.

To be optimal and effective, a soldier needs the calming effect and know that while in the war zone dodging bullets/IED's, that his/her personal issues at home (can't possibly handle all of life's situations) are being handled/ well taken care of and not be the normal extreme added burden/stress that it has become while soldiers are trying to keep a relationship with their ass everyday.

When Operation Desert Storm ended and soldiers returned home (Reserve & National Guard) and to their Army installations (Active Duty) around the world, all hell broke loose: divorce, bankrupcy, alcoholism, drug use, theft, domestic abuse, infidelity, pregancies through the roof, attempted/suicides etc etc and according to the military, the family support and assistance program was supposed to be in place!

Some of this stuff you can't prevent but it was a dismal failure and i'll bet you that the system has improved very little or not gotten any better.

And the upper brass military expects soldiers and marines to function (despite their problems) as if everything is just as everyday normal post-war as it is pre-war.

Single mother child care package? It's covers the basic need, covers all the bases for the military statistically (looks great on a briefing chart) but as far as the military is concerned it's all "hurry up & wait"/"it's really not my problem" and Yemaya, as a former military member, know that shiggity. fro