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Reply to "Soldier mom refuses deployment to care for baby"

Originally posted by Yemaya:
From my own personal experience, this is what the military requires from their single parents. It is mandatory that you have a child care package. You must provide a long term care provider with arrangements for financial responsibility for your child/ren, ie allotments for that time you are away. You must also provide a short term care provider for short notice deployments or TDYs, also with a financial plan. Each individual must sign paperwork agreeing to responsibilty for your child along with power of attorney's for their care. At least that's the way the Air Force required it to be done.
So from my perspective, all of her bases should've been covered, if possible. I don't know her relationship with her child's father, but from the article it doesn't sound too good, but if he's in the Army he should definitely be on the hook for 1. child support and 2. as secondary care provider for this child. She should've made arrangements with some of her single parent girlfriends like I did to at least provide short term care. These are the type of things to consider when you become a single parent in the military. Not easy, but necessary.

"Dual military" as well.

You and Cholly have it right, that's why it seems something is missing.
Was the commander playing the numbers game to OR rate up?
Was she playing a game to keep from deploying?
So many questions