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Reply to "So, What are these pesticides doing to HUMAN hormones?"

SCIENCE viewed in a vacuum is noble that works to make the World better in every aspect of life. BUT in the hands of corporations, Science has ONE function, MAXIMIZE CORPORATE PROFITS. If those profits can be maximized without offering any benefit to the consumer, that's perfectly fine.


If the product actually HARMS people or the environment, it's hard to prove, those companies have lawyers, PR people, lobbyists and bought politicians like all other big corporation do, lie, cheat, steal and kill to protect their profits. Corporations like any other for-profit company does pours money into marketing and to control the government that might force them to take their products off the market.


This isn't limited to the food industry:



Remember MTBE in the gasoline the run off from the streets were mass killing the fish!

Cigarettes killing millions but it so profitable its protected with billions of dollars.

BPA in plastics creates estrogen and it linked to all kinds of hormonal related problems in humans especially in men

Lead in paint it took a tremendous effort to remove lead from paint from being used on homes and anything that come in contact with humans particularly children. Cosmos with Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson had a episode on lead a scientist name Patterson had to go through all kinds of effort to get lead removed from paint and gasoline ect.. But lead poisoning has been known for 1000s of years in Rome only slaves handled lead,


Hexovalent chromium in ground water manufacturing steel, paints, leather tanning, ect causes cancer. The list is endless the products that have been protected that harm us. 


How about Hydraulic fracturing, or FRACKING, its being protected by law if someone tries to find out what is in fracking fluid its against the law and in some states its against the law to file lawsuits to ban fracking!!!! 


All kinds of harmful and dangerous products corporations tried to PROTECT through their PR, lawyers and lobby efforts to the government to preserve their PROFITS and to ensure their PROFITS rather than acknowledging the truth and doing right in regards those products were harming people and the environment.


Its a TRADITION in America of big corporations lobbying to protect their profits over quality of life or life itself.

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