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Reply to "So, What are these pesticides doing to HUMAN hormones?"


There’s a much bigger issue here:

Humans (peasants, citizens, slaves & servants) are factory-farmed.


Before getting to that, all berries, for one example only, in the US are sprayed with extremely poisonouspesticides. Once you, as a conditioned factory farm animal,  have the knowledge, you have to be (and everyone is) like a lab-conditioned animal, to eat that poison. We are conditioned like that.


Same example, when Kellogg’s wants some strawberries or other berries for their GMO crap shit, no fooling, sugar cereals, they sent that out to bid and buy mega-pesticide dried berries from South America, worse than the US.  


Genocidal fast food, and even Presidents Obama and Clinton have eaten that garbage, uses prepped chicken, etc. sent to China and then sent back to the US for factory-farmed US slave-citizens to eat. China’s  standards are much lower than the US.  People in China are even alarmed about poisonous fast food chains like McDonald’s, KFC, Papa John’s etc.:

Poisoned meat from China has shown up in fast food in the US but you barely hear about it.  It’s so bad that  Dr. Mohamet Oz touched on the general problem

and you can find it in the news but . . .

Governments do not care what factory-farmed (Matrix) humans  eat.  We have legalized bribery (lobbying) for “elected representatives” to ignore  health.   It is more important to the “government” for companies to make a profit  and sell toxic, GMO-tainted, experimental food not fit for living beings than to provide healthy food for children. That tells you everything.


We sow what we reap. It is  illegal to takes photos of  nightmare hell-camp factory cattle farms in several states. Human beings are likewise factory-farmed and milked for their energy and money by the machine. This is the ignored reality


You can eat organic foods. Even if it means eating cutting back and eating meat once a week and replacing it with good grains, vegetables and so on. If you look at yourself, and this applies to everyone, none excepted, how hard is it to stop eating shit food? Right! We are conditioned to eat shit and we’re “lovin’ it”.  We eat shit food just like hell-camp farm animals do. It’s taken me years and years to mainly pull out of the crap food eating trough.


This puts new meaning into the phrase: EAT SHIT!

Eating well is a political act. No shit.