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Sista Sunnubian wrote:  

Of course, I understand everything you are saying Earthsky, but AS we "fight our own fight" we need to condemn Entire Systems of oppression, abuse, racism, discrimination and slavery on this planet.  As long as these systems are allowed to stand Anywhere, the threat that they will also stand or be cranked back up is an imminent threat here, as well.


  I totally agree...merely because these systems are thousands of years old...and let's face it against that?  America is just a two-year old.  These environments have existed for a reason.  Look at Nigeria.  They are socially regressing in terms of re-introducing the Homosexual Act in their country.  You know how I feel about the whole homosexual thang...but!  By no stretch of the imagination do I wanna torture or kill a person simply because of his/her adult sexual choices.  That's barbaric and backwards.


So, as African Americans fight for justice right here in America, all Black people throughout the entire Black diaspora should be fighting for justice, as we demand reparations for 400 years of enslaving our ancestors here in America, so should Caribbean Black and Africans be demanding the same from Europe and Spain, and as people fight for justice, equality right here in America, their fight should be linked up with those who are fighting for justice and equality throughout the entire globe.  


If it weren't for the plight of removing slavery in America by our ancestors, trust and believe globally slavery will STILL exist OPENLY today.  Yes British eradicated slavery earlier than America....but!  The institution was exposed for the uncivilized inhumane system that it was/is forcing others participating to take a look at their savage behavior and come on board for human freedom for all,.


It took no one iota from African America's fight for justice and equality in America for me to post that video or from my disseminating information throughout social media that is important to African America's fight for justice in America.


Yep.  We have to be reminded generationally what slavery in this country did to our culture. So that the tad of thought or treatment that resembles that type of behavior can be called out and eliminated on the spot.  See?  In other countries...especially in the eastern hemisphere there are all types of human injustice singling out women and children...and in major places where the Arabs conquered.  So's important to get the flood lights on this issue cuz there are folks who will try to justify it with the persuasion of money, power and status.  And for me?  Born a human is enough qualification NOT to be ANYBODY'S slave.  And that should be the ATTITUDE worldwide....but!  It's not. 


Another thing we must remember, is that in our fight for justice and equality right here in America, African Americans did not do it all by themselves and did not do it in a vacuum.  People throughout the world also came to our aid or chimed in on our fight for justice here; people who where not Black and had nothing to gain spoke up against America's racist system of injustice, jim crow, slavery; even people who had something to loose, risked it for our fight.


Exactly!  Even though at the moment I don't remember who those people were aside from the obvious Quaker and abolishist[sp] folks.  But we sho' could use their help again.  That's for sure.  I say this cuz it appears that massa don't understand our language of not being slaves...but!  He seems to understand his fellow comrades from the shores of whence he came-so when they say the SAME EXACT thang we scream regarding injustice...massa seem to understand them.  Go figure. 


We have to continue to fight for justice and equality right here in America, but that does not mean we have to ignore it everywhere else.  


I agree.  We of ALL people have to continue the fight cuz the world where all those socially "untouchables"  deemed unworthy and without human value MUST see that being discriminated against is GLOBALLY wrong as human beings.  For example the group who called themselves "Children of God" in India who used to be known as Shuda, the last social stage[position] of the caste system ladder in that region....have said they look to African Americans and how we were able to achieve our freedom and human rights....they model themselves after the civil rights movement [MLK and Malcolm] and use our experience during those times as a social template to follow as an incentive to obtain their freedom and status in a country they were BORN into.  Plus when folks are born into a situation right or wrong...they BELIEVE that is the only way to be.  And that is not right as why it is imperative to KEEP this LIGHT of social injustice beaming brightly throughout the world like the lone light house stationed in the ocean.  


All Black people globally should be banning together, linking up and fighting together against our common as well as individual oppressor(s).


I agree.  Absolutely!


 ALL Oppressed people globally should be banning together, linking up, and fighting against common and individual oppressors alike.


I agree.  Yep!  That's right.


One of the very reasons that so many people are still oppressed on this planet is because all oppressed people are divided and estranged from one another.  This is by design.


Exactly it's by design.  And a  little continues to be sprinkled throughout this country by those folks who wanna overturn our freedom and rights as human beings.  It is as if they are the only ones qualified to pronounce who is human and who is not. Not!  As why we have all these murders of our people lately based on something so unknown that if we did it?  We would spending life sentences in prison.  So it is VERY important to keep this out there....lift every rock and expose it where we see it.  Otherwise....we will be like some places that either have gone back to a time capsule or have NEVER left it.  And they ain't good,  We are all humans.  Not a separate speices[sp] to be separated by the color of a regression and a return to being uncivilized, barbaric, savage, violent and abusive.  Unawareness is not an excuse anymore.  Nope. 


As is why those in other planets are LAUGHING at us cuz we are tooo busy looking inward at dysfunctional behavior instead of looking outward to explore the wonderful universe awaiting our real experience with it.  And this deliberately dysfunction is moving us back in time and away from collaborating with the various intelligence in the beyond waiting for us to reconnect communication we once HAD with them BEFORE the decaying contact with the poison and cancer of humankind i.e.Arabs and Europeans. Cuz this slavery thang?  Is the social distraction that has historically blocked us from being a part of the brilliant components that make up not only the world but the universe.  We have wasted toooo much time already.


And as long as we keep going back and forth with why all of us on earth should or shouldn't be TREATED EQUALLY as human beings no matter where we are born, we will NEVER discover what we have been missing out there in the stars that continues to sit patiently for us to wake up with our third eye.   And even though time stands still out there?  Is doesn't stand still here on earth.   My proof?  All the old cultures that have a legacy of looking to stars for answers and social guidance from their so-called Gods who sit up there on a golden throne. These cultures always knew something extraordinary was out there[discovery stolen from the original African Egyptians]....and!  It's a REASON why they don't wanna us to begin looking out there [again] for our answers. That's why every time we do?  They strategically place their racist/sexist God there to fool and confuse us.  As a result we continue to miss WHY we are here and our sole purpose.     That's why it important to consistently give injustice a LOUD voice...wherever and whenever it rises its ugly head.  But!

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