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Of course, I understand everything you are saying Earthsky, but AS we "fight our own fight" we need to condemn Entire Systems of oppression, abuse, racism, discrimination and slavery on this planet.  As long as these systems are allowed to stand Anywhere, the threat that they will also stand or be cranked back up is an imminent threat here, as well.  


So, as African Americans fight for justice right here in America, all Black people throughout the entire Black diaspora should be fighting for justice, as we demand reparations for 400 years of enslaving our ancestors here in America, so should Caribbean Black and Africans be demanding the same from Europe and Spain, and as people fight for justice, equality right here in America, their fight should be linked up with those who are fighting for justice and equality throughout the entire globe.  


It took not one iota from African America's fight for justice and equality in America for me to post that video or from my disseminating information throughout social media that is important to African America's fight for justice in America.


Another thing we must remember, is that in our fight for justice and equality right here in America, African Americans did not do it all by themselves and did not do it in a vacuum.  People throughout the world also came to our aid or chimed in on our fight for justice here; people who where not Black and had nothing to gain spoke up against America's racist system of injustice, jim crow, slavery; even people who had something to loose, risked it for our fight.  


We have to continue to fight for justice and equality right here in America, but that does not mean we have to ignore it everywhere else.  


All Black people globally should be banning together, linking up and fighting together against our common as well as individual oppressor(s).


ALL Oppressed people globally should be banning together, linking up, and fighting against common and individual oppressors alike.


One of the very reasons that so many people are still oppressed on this planet is because all oppressed people are divided and estranged from one another.  This is by design.

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