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Reply to "Sistas, what's up with...."

Originally posted by Black Viking:
Brothers, the responses on this thread are one of the reasons why I advocate ignoring strange women. If they have any interest in interaction, of any kind, they'll initiate it (usually with eye contact, at least).

Wise-man say...

It's always better to let them come to you. bsm

Blk viking-
good points. I personally ignore most 'strange' or 'strangers to me' black women on the street. I think it's just a sign of the times.

to HB -
You won't get the answer you are looking for here, esp. since the many of the women responding assuming that you are attempting to 'mack on' the women you are saying 'hello' to. I thought 'hello' was a pleasant greeting between two or more people...I guess i'm nuave. Please forgive me. Aren't Black women the same ones complaining about not being able to meeting 'decent' men. How can they meet new, decent men if a guy can't even say hello??

I think this all boils down to her attitude. T