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Reply to "Single most pressing problem Humanity is facing!"

greed, ignorance, complacency, nonchalance. the four horsemen of our time, heralding the dereliction of our children's.

i believe it's the fetid combination of the aforementioned that leads to many of humanity's problems. greed, or rather a lust for money, is something that causes many to even consider the road of exploiting an ignorant populace, as this is the probably one of the most efficient ways to make money on a grand scale: make one's initial investment trivial in the face of potential profits by way of acquiring cheap labor, selling otherwise worthless products to a race of people willing to spend copious and unjustified amounts of money on them, etc.

the ignorance and complacency (among others, of course) factor in when considering how a smaller group of people if oft able to manipulate a larger populace for the sake of, perhaps, the greed of the smaller group. complacency prevents the group from banding together for the sake of escaping the gangsta rap, er... i mean "fetters," placed upon them by the moneyed minority (for the sake of hyper profit destiny, no less). ignorance allows a group to feel that this way is easier and should be allowed to be so, and also to "stop snitching" (my heart and mind held hands and shed a tear for our race when i saw "cam'ron" on 60 Minutes this past Sunday).

nonchalance is that which expands the pool of excuses one group, that may otherwise wielded the power of change, feels are applicable in the "turning the other cheek" to world atrocities, thus allowing for a delicious cycle of perpetuation and consequently the condition our current world.

the sad thing is, i find it rather difficult to even imagine a world wherein these four pressing problems and their antecedents/consequences do not exist. it's almost as if these are what makes humans, humans. despite of that, i still find myself trying not to justify making the life of others more miseralbe with phrases like, "get over it, the world is cruel," "that's just the way it is," "haha, sucks to be you," and other Greatest Hits.

Originally posted by umbrarchist:
I bought a Computer Power User magazine yesterday. I can't help but laugh at all the razzle dazzle electronic crap these days. You have got to buy a ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT. It's only $400. 20

what ya think about the GeForce 8800 GTS?? i want one......