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Reply to "Single most pressing problem Humanity is facing!"

Poverty is something I did not think about, that should have definitely made the list of choices. Poverty exists all over the world as AIDS does; however Poverty is relative to the country it exist in. Poverty in the US is definitely not what one would refer to as living in Poverty in other nations around the world. Poverty does contribute to the spreading of the virus that causes AIDS.

If poverty ended tomorrow would the spread of the AIDS virus stop or even be cut in half? In order for Poverty to stop the people living in Poverty have to be educated, the lack of education contribute to poverty.

We have the resources and the manpower on the Earth to end poverty if it was in the best interest of governments around the world. From what I know we do not have the cure for the virus that causes AIDS. I would definitely give Poverty the nod over the other choices on the list but I still do not see it as a bigger problem than AIDS.

By all standards, some creatures are just plain strange, making us do double takes because their compositions or habits or appearances defy our sense of logic and our way of viewing reality. Take the wildebeest, the warthog, the hyena, the brown pelican, the Shar-Pei. These animals, seemingly wrought by committee, make us laugh or shake our heads. Another such creature, of the human kind -- and perhaps the strangest of all -- is the black Republican. "

Bill Maxwell

More to come later!

Your Brother Faheem