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Reply to "Should we stay or go"


Were you on the board when my avatar had one large circle represented "All Black People" and then another circle inside of the first circle representing Blacks who are "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalists"?

The words underneath the diagram that I made noted that regardless of how large this BQPF front gets they still do not represent all Black people but are only one of many PERSPECTIVES ON BLACKNESS.

Somehow you have a problem in distinguishing between "Black" - the physical attributes of a particular people and "Black" - as expressed through a particular ideology. (This is why you are a Fundamentalist).

In your mind God just happened to bless you as being 100% correct on the policies that are necessary to provide salvation for Black people and then God damned me as having all the wrong answers for Black people.

Sadly you don't offer the EVIDENCE OF WHERE SO MANY OF US STAND AS A PEOPLE as a result of THINKING in a certain way all of their lives as justification for continuing forward despite the feedback that is being provided back to them.

Certainly no one can blame Black folks for where history has taken us to. CLEARLY we can hold those in power today accountable for where they have TAKEN US SINCE WE WERE DROPPED OFF, free to order ourselves in a way that PRODUCES as "repaired state".

If you want to shut me up - produce EVIDENCE that PERMANENT AND LASTING CHANGE IS UPON US.

Thus far Kevin can only show me that if we support certain programs that have White folks to change that Blacks will benefit. The fact that Asians are propsering in college in the wake of the loss of these programs should have Kevin to rethink his strategy. In his brand of fundamentalism - no one forces him to recalculate only to REDOUBLE his efforts to have AA return. (You know what they say about the fool who tries harder at the same thing while expecting different results.......) giveup