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Reply to "Should we stay or go"

Black ideology had no causal effect on the migration of manufacturing from the North to the South. IRB's (industrial revenue bonds) became the weapon of choice for southern states to lure manufacturing companies from the high-wage northern states. The South already had cheap labor, with IRBs they also offered huge government subsidies (public monies) for private corporations at taxpayers expense. This was a major issue between the south & the north beginning in earnest in the 1950s, and legislation to mitigate the damage they caused to nothern cities was being legislated as late as 1986.

The decimation of the economies of northern cities of predominately Black folks has no nexus to the ideology of the Black masses.

Hummmmmmm. Having scanned my posts I ask that YOU find where I said that "Black people's ideology destoryed the Northern economy".

Secondly BLACK PEOPLE WERE NEVER THE MAJORITY BASE of Industrial workers in the north. The Black middle class was, however, created in large part due to the good salaries that these jobs paid.

I question how you can make use of the word "weapon" in your story about how some of these manufacturing firms had shifted their production to the "Right To Work" states in the South. It is particularly funny since just last week I talked with the mother of a family friend who told us about her husband's employment at the US Steel plant near Birmingham Alabama. I guess he, a Black man was one of the people who has obviously benefited from the use of these "weapons". (In the same way that you are now benefiting from the weapons used against the Native Americans as America was settled by the European. ohsnap)

I wonder in your personal economy if you don't make use of the WEAPON called newspaper advertisements to do comparison shopping as you look for prices for items that you seek to purchase, looking for the lower cost so you can have money left in your pockets. Please tell me the fundamental difference between you seeking lower costs for your consumption of goods and these companies that you frequently demonize seeking lower costs for the labor component that they "consume" as part of their production of COMMODITY goods?

We can look at Greensboro South Carolina to see the impact of attracting a major manufacturing anchor to the area. Years after attracting BMW to the area the region is now booming. I do not recognize the place from the way it was 10 years ago. Parts suppliers to BMW have set up shop around the plant. The local university has benefited. The workers having more money in their wallets now eat and shop at one of the many malls and restaurant districts that now line Interstate 85 through this corridor. There is little doubt, Isome, that if YOU were the government strategist designing the response to a solicitation for the construction of a major manufacturing plant - YOU WOULD BE FIRED FOR HAVING DESTROYED THE SEEDS TO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.