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Reply to "Should we stay or go"

DUDE, you introduced the idea... the concept of FISHING LESSONS. But, being the PUNK (and the pussy) that you are, you just can't manage to ever back up your rhetoric.

Instead he would make note of the SYSTEM and how these corporations are nothing more than entities that have several functions. They produce products or services that are in demand by the market. They give their workers the ability to exchange their labor for salaries that they are able to live off of. These corporations serve as stores of value with their shares being traded on the stock market with people CAPITALIZING on their increasing value.
And none of that says anything about FISHING LESSONS.

Had you said something to the effect that these corps. teach and train people, Black people with the skills to build, run and maintain their own businesses and corporations then... then you would be talking about FISHING LESSONS. Merely having a job does not amount to a FISHING LESSON.

The Key Concept in a FISHING LESSON - training/teaching a person to have a do-it-yourself skill - is undermined by the idea of yours that talked about the standard of living going down after such corps. left. If I'm a corp. and I teach people en masse How To Fish, when I'm gone only poor fishing holes or seasons should "degrade" their standard of living - i.e. their ability to [continue to] "trade their skill (hmmm... skill the corp must teach in order for it to be a LESSON from that "Republican" [infused] entity) and labor for a pay check.

You only go to prove that you are just PLAIN DUMB and a plain, little pussy-fied PUNK!

Even Noah The African can admit that his city of Detroit was built upon the backs of the big 3 auto makers. What is it going to take to bring Nmaginate (and Isome) into the real world?
Hmmm... And what will it take for you to have a fuckin' CLUE!!

Nothing I have said has been anti-corporation (or pro-corporation because that was not what I was addressing). I have, however (as usual), deconstructed your BULLSHIT and shown how it is BULLSHIT. You opened your big mouth and said:
If their policies are "working in the best interests of Black people" I have yet to see it. They might be handing out fish but they are CERTAINLY not conducting FISHING LESSONS.

And then the best you can do is talk about fish via jobs handed out by corporations?? As if corporations are a Republican enterprise?

Needless to say we're still waiting for actual FISHING LESSONS... or you can cite where an unconventional working definition of the term was made.